Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Send messages to your customers whenever you’d like using our easy to use content management system.  Sales Promotions –  Alerts –  Updates –  send them “Your” Message.

  • Push Notifications v. In App Marketing

    Push notifications allow you to deliver messages to the user’s home screen or while he or she is using a different app. Great for prompting immediate interaction and engaging users not currently active in your app, push messaging directs attention to a desired action. Users who opt-in for push notifications are a high-value demographic, as they tend to be more engaged with the app on a regular basis. But often, push messaging comes down to three key considerations:

    1. Content
    2. Frequency
    3. Timing


    When done right, push messaging drives latent users back to your app and brings awareness to mobile campaigns. However, there are limits to your ability to customize push messages, and they won’t be as tailored to user behavior as in-app messaging.

    With push notifications, you have the power to engage users outside of your app whenever you’d like. This content can serve as a reminder to use the app more frequently, notify the user of a special offer or sale (as many flash sale companies do), or identify important updates. When they are customized, timely and warranted, push messages drive big results

    App Engagement Is Still Higher Amongst Push Enabled Users 

    It’s time to move past the stigma that push notifications are a nuisance to users, or the modern mobile equivalent of spam. But year over year, push enabled users continue to have higher app engagement rates that users who don’t opt-in to receive these messages. The numbers are truly telling of just how effective push messages are at doing this.

    Users who have enabled push launch an app an average of 14.7 times per month, whereas users who have not enabled push messages will only launch an app 5.4 times per month.

    In other words, users that have push messages enabled average 3x more app launches than those who have not enabled push messages.

    Push Notifications v. In App Marketing graph
    This represents a 171% increase in app engagement, which has more than doubled since 2014 where the increase in engagement was 88%.

    And push didn’t prove to be valuable only for Retail or eCommerce apps - Technology, Travel, Games and Media & Entertainment apps all saw 143%-205% higher engagement amongst push enabled users. What we’re seeing from these numbers is that users are actually looking for reasons to further interact with your app, as long as those interactions provide content, offers or information that match their interests and needs. Because push notifications are used to bring that relevant content to the forefront, negating the need for users to go searching for it, the resulting impact on engagement is substantial.

    Push Notifications Improve User Retention to 65%

    In 2014, we found that the retention rate of users who enable push in-app is much higher than users who have push disabled - this continued to hold true in 2015. We’ve seen that push messaging offers a transformative way to interact with users in real-time and helps to enhance the overall value of an app. Companies around the world are starting to leverage push messaging more effectively, helping to drive notable increases in retention.


  • How to Send Push Notifications