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How Mobile Apps are helping Students!Depositphotos_54081837_l-2015

Students report huge benefits of using mobile apps for academic purposes:

For learning on their own, 66 % of students reported using a mobile app for learning at least once each week.

Students reported using devices to look up lecture topics during face-to-face class time; they use discipline-specific apps to access knowledge and their mobile apps to access course textbooks both during and outside of class.

In addition to these benefits, below is a list of the many other ways that students are being helped by their Mobile Apps…

  • Makes it easier to access coursework (72 %)
  • Increases communication with other students (65 %)
  • Increases communication with instructors (60 %)
  • Increases my knowledge in my field of study (48 %)
  • Improves my quality of work (43 %)
  • Increases motivation to complete coursework (42 %)
  • Home work assignments
  • Testing
  • Updates on events at school
  • Donation Drives for fund raising
  • Sport events and scores of Teams
  • Bulletin boards
  • Instructors can provide assignments, grades, feedback and communicate through the educational mobile platform. Schools can provide information such as upcoming sports, academic and social events. The ever-growing mobile landscape thus represents new opportunities for instructors and students learners to connect both inside and outside the classroom.
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