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  • One in three consumers watch video on their mobile devices. Additionally, evidence shows that people who watch videos on their smart phones give them their full attention. The emerging trend is that smart phones is quickly becoming the preferred method to explore products and offers before making purchases as people don’t want to read about products, they want to see videos about products and services.
  • Reports that digital video ad revenue will reach nearly $5 billion in 2016, and $8.6 billion by 2018, due to developing delivery channels, amplified engagement and the highest average click-through rate (1.84 percent) of any digital format.
  • The US digital video advertising market is on pace to nearly double by 2019. This growth will be led by an ongoing shift toward mobile viewing and a growing assortment of content against which to advertise.
  • In the U.S. alone, research firms report, one in three consumers watch video on their mobile devices, which means watching video on mobile is already more common than using devices to listen to music. There’s also mounting evidence that people who watch video on their Smartphone are giving it their full attention.
  • In 2015, for the first time ever, average daily time spent watching digital video on mobile devices in the US surpassed desktop time. By 2017, mobile time will be almost double its desktop counterpart.
  • Consumers are cutting their ties to traditional media and turning to digital video for discovery, entertainment and brand awareness. Mobile video ad spending is the fastest growing digital advertising format and is poised to take a central role in influencing and enhancing the purchasing process.